Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blasting Voices

I just counted the number of stubs in my ashtray--I puffed just two cigarettes answering all those writers over at FilipinoVoices. Blasting them away is easy. Stick with the issue. And they readily tire out. It seems to me that these so-called "intellectuals" are all heart and no mind. I mean, these tirades against PGMA have no basis in fact and in law. These are just meaningless rantings of a few who believe that they are always right and government is always wrong.

Working in government takes a lot of courage. You need to have the strong will to do what's right. You need insight. You need a steely will. And you just need to dismiss all these accusations against you simply because these ordinary citizens will never, ever, get it. That's the reason they're there and we're here.

PGMA did what she's supposed to do--try to resolve this pesky Mindanao issue. For decades, people have been clamoring the President for a definitive stand on this issue. Many sectors, especially those from the Left, share the same stand as that of Madame President. Yet, when she stood up and implemented what she thought then as the right thing, she was lambasted for it.

Governance is not as simple as one may believe it is. It's hard work. You put your entire mind and soul into it. And you're compensated, plain and simple. When you do a right thing, you're sure to meet people who'll chastise you for what you did simply because (1) their own interests were hit hard or (2) one or some of their friends were harmed by it. Government is a delicate balancing act. People will never understand the logic of policy-making.

Having said that, it's easy for people to criticize things which they don't really understand. Or they thought they did but never considered the rationale behind the act.

Like this charter change thing. People will never understand why we want PGMA to extend her term. Yes, I'm saying it here with all candor--we are for the extension of PGMA's term. We need her to continue what we've started and that is, create a society that promotes oligarchies. Plain and simple. I don't want to mince words. 

Come November, we will get what we want and people will just follow us. These ordinary people do not have the strength nor the will to oppose us. We know it from experience and from surveys. If the likes of the Black and White Movement and those minions of this dreamer named Mar Roxas think they can muster enough numbers to oust Madame from power, they're dreaming.

We will survive these anti-charter change moves and give ourselves another ten years to govern and straighten out this country. 


DJB Rizalist said...

Hmmm...another dark, juvenile blog that won't last but a few weeks for lack of moral stamina. You're outta ideas already, aren't you? But don't quit just yet...the fun is just starting, stick around to find out what you are really made of. That's the are your own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

"Working in government takes a lot of courage. You need to have the strong will to do what's right. You need insight. You need a steely will."

No it doesn't. Trust me. That's why government relies on consultants and "technical assistance" from "developing partners" primarily because they lack the insight. Please. Don't try to romanticize what working for the government entails. I've been there and I've seen how it works. So please, spare me.

DJB Rizalist said...

The government is just a giant stealing machine, from root to limb. Most government employees are basically thieves above a certain level of responsibility. They see is as their private business. That's why the Ombudsman and Judiciary have a million case backlog. Which is why we should strive to make the government as small as possible. Except at election time, govt officials do not even make the pretense of serving the people. And the people have no illusions about them. Certainly not under the one with a mole on her recycled soul...

Anonymous said...

DJB agree. I was reacting to his statement about what working for the government entails. I've worked for 3 administrations - Ramos, Erap, and Gloria's til 2002. I've seen how the smartest of people suddenly become bobo, something I couldn't quite fathom then. But as I got older I realized why. It's all about the money.
I agree. We should make the government irrelevant.

PatricioMangubat said...

dear High Priest,

the fallacy of your arguments are glaring. You said we don't understand how governments work. Well, we do. And we think that you're messing it up simply because you really don't understand why government is government in the first place.

You think that we, citizens of this country, do not have the right to be heard. We have every right to tell your shitty administration that it's shitty.

Brian Brotarlo said...

It's probably okay right at this point for someone to take charge of most things that were formerly left to democracy. Just one question for you. Kung pumalpak mananagot ba si Maam mo?

The bucks stops where it should...

And working for government, a government that works for a democratic people, it's curious that you are still not used to how a DEMOCRACY works. Sure you sound like an old hand in government or so that is the impression you want to make, but what kind of government is it?

What I'm trying to say is that if getting things done is the sole purpose of government, then government should be reminded who it is they should get things done for... What is the right thing anyway. Should Mindanao be given to the rule of the minority muslims. Should a president change the charter and extend her office? Will things get done to benefit the people afterward?

This is what I think you are: you're a greenhorn in government from some elite school here or some second-rate college abroad with an ego the size of Einstein's brain, and you think Filipinos are all monkeys. Am I close?

If you think that Filipinos should be led like lambs then that is your opinion that should be put forward in a proper forum, and because you chose the Web, I congratulate you?

Brian Brotarlo said...

Sorry for the punctuations and errors in my comment above. Last sentence isn't a question.

Just want to add I don't find arrogance a bad thing but you do seem to me like an amateur who, because of a compulsion to boast and put one over other people, unknowingly spills the beans on his bosses and gets fired. Hope you will do well though.

TheHighPriestOfSmokes said...

Mr. Brian,

I don't claim to have the monopoly of ideas. Why do you fault me for being loyal to my president? Being an officer of the law, I vowed to pursue the best interest of this country at heart.

I'm old. But, I'm not tired. And to answer your question whether this country would advance thru cha-cha--no one knows. But it's the right thing to do.

DJB Rizalist said...

You are just a flea on the mole of a bitch. We don't care a nit about you, because in the long run, you count for nothing. You are just an anonymous paid hack, too cowardly to write under your own name. Enjoy the proximity to power. Time is running out You won't want to be near when your master and mistress are in jail, or worse.